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Culture, nature and climate


At Luosto you are in the middle of Lapland. You can enjoy all the services of a modern fell centre yet still be truly out in the wilds.

Luosto has seven ski slopes and three lifts, along with the other facilities required by skiers. It has well-managed ski trails totalling 74 kilometres, 25 kilometres of which are lit. There are also marked trails for summer hikers in the region. The new Pyhä-Luosto National Park in the process of being established will enhance the hiking potential even further.

The transport system consists mainly of the service to and from Rovaniemi for Finnair flights, the SkiBus feeder connecting up with most of the trains and long-distance coaches (four times a day in winter and once a day in summer), the local SkiBus service and taxis. These are supplemented in the spring season by a feeder operating twice a day from Sodankylä. More information www.laplandluosto.fi


Two cultures exist side by side in Lapland: Finnish and Sámi. The 7,000 or so Sámi represent the only indigenous people in the European Union. In addition to Finnish, the Sámi in Finland speak one of three languages: Northern, Inari and Skolt Sámi.

Among the main cultural features of the Sámi are their own language, their distinctive style of dress, reindeer herding as a means of subsistence, and a strong relationship with nature that has continued until the present day. Kinship is also extremely important to the Sámi.

Sámi culture has succeeded in preserving its own features and unique character, even though today's Sámi have extensive dealings with the Finns. The traditional handicrafts still in use are, among other things, strong proof of the vitality and enduring nature of Sámi culture.


Lapland has a continental climate, i.e. cold, snowy winters and, thanks to the Gulf Stream, relatively warm summers. The seasons all differ greatly. In summer Lapland is bathed in sunlight night and day, because above the Arctic Circle the sun hardly sets at all during the weeks around Midsummer. Correspondingly, it does not rise above the horizon for weeks on end during the dark season we call kaamos.

Summer in Lapland

Summer is a period of frenzied growth for Nature in Lapland. The wild berries, the herbs and the crops such as the unique puikula or almond potato grown in the nightless nights are especially aromatic. At Luosto the sun never sets between May 30 and July 15.

Winter in Lapland

Winter, the longest of the seasons, usually begins in Lapland in the middle of October and lasts about 200 days. Above the Arctic Circle the land is enveloped in arctic darkness or kaamos for part of the winter. During this time the sun never rises above the horizon. In the northernmost corner of Lapland the kaamos period lasts for 51 days. The complete kaamos, when the only light is a dusky blue, lasts just under a week at Luosto, from December 19 to December 25.

The snow comes to stay about two weeks after the beginning of winter and is usually thickest (60-90 centimetres on average) in around mid-March. The lakes freeze at the end of November and beginning of December. Depending on the year, Luosto gets lasting snow in November at the latest and the snow does not fully melt until well into the spring, in the first half of May.

The coldest time in winter is at the end of January, when the temperature may drop in Lapland to -45 or -50 °C. The lowest temperature recorded at any Finnish meteorological observation point in Finland in the 20th century was -51.5 °C. That was at Pokka in Kittilä in January 1999. The mean January temperature at Luosto is -14 °C.


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