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Guest internet access

Hotel Tunturi internet communications

We provide for our customers a free 3/3 Mbps fiber internet broadband access. We have reserved 1000 IP-addressed for our customers. when this limit is reached, we can not guarantee internet connection.

All hotel rooms have a free WiFi-network. You can ask password from reception. There are some rooms where WiFi-network is weak.

Lobby in main building and Gielas-building have a free WiFi-network. You can ask password from reception.
Both lobbies have also a computer with printer and internet access for our customers.

All hotel meeting rooms have a free WiFi-network. By request we can provide for you a faster 6/6 Mbps free WiFi-internet access. Ask more from reception.
All our meeting rooms have also ethernet-sockets. By connecting with ethernet-cable, you have a 50/50 Mbps free internet access.

Some Superior- rooms in Gielas building have a ethernet-socket for 100/100 Mbps free internet access. In those roomtypes there is also free WiFi-network available. Ask more from our sales.

OTHER ROOMS (lappish hut, VIP-sauna)
You can rent 4G (LTE) mobile router from our reception for 15 euros per day. With 4G router you have a secured wifi-network for your own use. Limited availability. Ask more from reception.

Conditions of use

As a general security precaution Hotel Tunturi strongly recommends that guest equipment is protected with personal firewall and virus protection. Use of Virtual Private Network (VPN) is also recommended if company network or data is accessed.

Hotel Tunturi is not responsible for the functionality or content for any Internet site or service accessed via Internet access.
Hotel Tunturi is not responsible for fault and damages on guest equipment unless it's solely and exclusively the fault of Hotel Tunturi itself.
Even if Hotel Tunturi will make service and technical efforts necessary, Hotel Tunturi does not guarantee that the services provided will function with absolute, constant, reliable security or without delay or interruptions.
Hotel Tunturi has reserved 1000 (one thousand) IP-addressed for our customer use and we can not guarantee that the available IP-addresses are always available when you wish.

The user is responsible for exercising legal, ethic and morally acceptable Internet and e-mail behaviour, when using Hotel Tunturi Internet access.
Hotel Tunturi has the right to terminate or restrict any users access to or usage of Internet access, if the terms and conditions aren't respected.

+358 16 321 3227

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