Hotel Santa Claus souvenir shop in Rovaniemi
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Shopping in Hotel Santa Claus: Souvenirs and gifts from Rovaniemi 24/7

Hotel Santa Claus’ souvenir shops serve customers in the reception and in Cafe Linna. You can find wide selection of Lapland and Christmas themed gifts and souvenirs. Welcome to our shops to find beautiful gifts to take home!

The reception of the hotel is open 24/7, which makes even the last-minute souvenir shopping effortless. You can take it easy in Rovaniemi, when souvenirs, homecoming gifts and presents can be bought during check-in, or while enjoying a cup of coffee in Cafe Linna.

Santa's Hotels design souvenirs from Lapland

The Santa’s Hotels logo products are practical and beautiful design souvenirs from Lapland. The logo combines two classic elements of Lapland: snowflake and reindeer antler. A great addition to the interior design of your home - have a piece of Lapland at your home!

Santa's Lapland Souvenirs by Robin Ruth

Popular Robin Ruth products are available in our souvenir shops - our specialities include Santa’s Lapland –products by Robin Ruth, exclusively designed for Santa’s Hotels!

Alvar Aalto's Rovaniemi bag by Robin Ruth and Santa's Hotels

An unique souvenir from Rovaniemi is the Alvar Aalto Reindeer Antler Bag by Robin Ruth. With the bag we want to respect the legacy of the famous Finnish architect Alvar Aalto, who designed the Reindeer Antler Town Plan of Rovaniemi. The bag is only available in the souvenir shops of Hotel Santa Claus!

Moomin products in Hotel Santa Claus' souvenir shop

The world famous Moomins are an essential element of the Finnish culture, and the Moomin products are admired design classics. You find these must-have souvenirs from Finland in our souvenir shops!

In Linna Shop you can find Davvi-products, authentic natural cosmetics from Lapland. The ingredients are from the nature of Lapland and Finland, and the products are certified natural cosmetics. The Davvi products are excellent gifts to bring back home and souvenirs for yourself.

In our shops you find also beautiful postcards by Antti Kurola and variety of authentic Lappish handicrafts. Naturally we also sell Santa Claus and Christmas themed gifts, as well as toys, year-round. Welcome!

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