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Welcome to Santa's Hotel Santa Claus!

Santa's Hotel Santa Claus offers high quality accommodation, restaurants and conference services at the heart of Rovaniemi. Explore the atmosphere close to Santa's workplace and experience exotic Lapland and the Arctic Circle in a modern urban environment.


HSC ja HT Yhdistä kaupunki ja tunturi
We combined Santa's Hotels city holiday in Rovaniemi with the arctic fell experience in Saariselkä. Now it is easy to book the whole Lapland experience!
HSC Meet the Santa
Visiting Rovaniemi is a must to meet Santa Claus! We are making it easy for you here in Hotel Santa Claus. We offer you a package that includes accommodation, breakfast and a ride to the Santa Claus Village, where you can meet Santa Claus Himself.
HSC Hääpaketti
Getting married and wondering a place where to spend your wedding night? We, here in Hotel Santa Claus, will help you to finish your perfect day in a beautiful environment and give a peaceful start to your marriage. In your wedding night you deserve only the best. After memorable wedding party you can retreat to enjoy each other's company.

What's new

HSC Feel Vegas
A new Feel Vegas Club Rovaniemi gaming club is opened in Hotel Santa Claus! The club is opened with Finland’s Slot Machine Association RAY. It consists of an approximately 200 square metre entertainment area, featuring both slot machines and table games.
HSC Sähköauton lataus
There is now a charging point for electric vehicles in the parking garage of Hotel Santa Claus.
Get familiar with the nothern culture in Arktikum, learn about forests in the science center Pilke and wake your inner artist in Korundi! Experience main atractions in one entry fee!
HSC ZoomUpin lounaslista
Time for a lunch? We serve a delicious Lunch Buffét (inc. salad and warm buffét) in ZoomUp every weekday! From here you can check our Lunch List for this week! Lunch is served between 11:00 - 13:30, in 12€ cost
HSC Rovaniemi Menu
The highly appreciated typical Lappish foods include reindeer meat, juicy berries from Lapland’s famous marshlands, such as the much sought after cloudberries, Lappish puikula potatoes, and fish from pristine waters. In Rovaniemi, the capital of Finnish Lapland, chefs preparing dishes at the RovaniemiMenu restaurants pamper your tastebuds with genuine Lappish ingredients mixed with national and international flavours.
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