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Hotel Aurora Environmental politics:

The surrounding nature is clean and with it´s dignity it needs respect from all of us. As a Thank You for taking care of it, we are able to enjoy the multiple opportunities which the nature is offering us, experience unique adventures as well as unforgettable experiences.

Respecting the environment means taking care of the natural resources and surroundings for us. Important goals are protecting water, air and soil, using the natural resources by limited numbers as well as trying to block the climate change. This company is dedicated to make the best out of the environmental politics we are following.

Santa´s Hotels sustainability

Santa's Hotels is a family owned local hotel chain operating in four destination in Finnish Lapland as well as in Kalajoki, Otstrobothnia. We in Santa's Hotels believe in taking responsibility, strength of positivity, discretion and of course in Santa Claus.

We recognise our environmental and social responsibility by striving to favour environmentally friendly values and practises in all operations. We continuously aim at improving our practises in taking care of the environment and reducing our environmental impacts.

- We follow valid laws and regulations

- We wish to offer our customers high-quality and environment-friendly services

- We save energy, water and other resources in our operations

- We reduce the amount of waste and sort out the produced waste effectively

- We strive to use suppliers that reduce their environmental impacts

- Where possible, we strive to favour services, products and goods that are produced near

- Where possible, we choose purchases that are more environmentally friendly


We want to do our part in taking care of the environment and saving resources, and at the same time satisfy our customers that appreciate quality. We are committed to a long-term development of environmental matters and wish to do our best in it.

What we do?

We save electricity, energy and water by adapting our practises. We recycle effectively and follow our energy and water consumption as well as the produced waste amounts.

We guide and train our staff regularly. Our customers also get a chance to influence environmental matters on their part with the help of information in the room folders.

We participate in several environmental projects, for example in the energy efficiency agreement of the Finnish Hotel and Restaurant Association.

We promote public transportation to our customers by providing accurate information about timetables and ticket prices.

Water and energy consumption

We have invested in efficient and modern automated property technology which controls and adjusts air conditioning and temperatures in freezer and refridgerators.

We have changed our toilets, showers and taps into water-saving models.

We control lighting with motion detectors and timers so that lights go on only when needed.


We have changed all disposable individiually packed soaps and shampoos into dispensers.

We do not use individually packed food (for example cereal) in breakfast.

We follow the local regulations in recycling.


By working closely with destination marketing companies such us Visit Rovaniemi and Inari-Saariselkä Tourism Ltd we aim to create new travel products and events which support all-year round tourism in our destinations. By increasing demand our goal is to increase all-year round jobs.

We follow the Finnish legislation and collective agreement with all the aspects of employment.

We train our mostly local employees on annual basis.

Local culture and people

Local culture is strogly present in all the activites and excursion we promote.

We sell local products in our in-house shops.

We use local ingredients in our restaurants.

We take part in several local projects and events throughout the year.

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Hotel Rudolf
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